Our notaries combine the dependability and integrity of the function with a modern service enterprise. Services include providing advice and notarisation in all aspects of life and business for which the law requires assistance from notaries. Our legal advice and contract drafting does not only address business and legal specifics, but is also practicable and reduces the chance of conflict.

In particular, notarial activities include notarisation and certification of the following:

  • Property purchase and donation deeds
  • Declaration of division (division into condominium ownership)
  • Incorporation of companies, entries into the commercial register
  • Purchase and transfer agreements, transfer of company shares and restructuring
  • Wills and testaments and deeds of inheritance, applications for a certificate of inheritance, renunciation of inheritance and arrangements for anticipated succession
  • Family law agreements (marriage contracts and divorce agreements)
  • Health care powers of attorney and living wills




Reinhard Ziegenbein

Secretary’s Office:
Kathrin Ziemus
Notary’s Office:
Martina Lange
+49 431 97918-36

Much to our sadness, our partner Reinhard Ziegenbein passed away on 22/2/2020 after a prolonged and serious illness. We will always remember him for his character, his attitude, his commitment and his exemplary work ethic. We will strive to continue offering the energetic, swift and competent handling of assignments, legal queries and organisational tasks that you had come to expect from Reinhard Ziegenbein. Our notarial team led by Martina Lange, and our notaries are available to assist you in these matters. Our partner Dr Christian Becker has been appointed notarial administrator by the President of the District Court. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Martina Lange using the contact details above.

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