We offer our clients tailored advice in all areas connected to compliance.

We typically begin by analysing the risk areas identified by the client. This includes collecting details of the company’s current internal compliance regulations and assessing client-specific risks with regard to antitrust law, employment law, data protection and anti-corruption. Together with our clients we develop, structure and implement a Compliance Management System (CMS) on the basis of this risk analysis. A typical CMS includes establishment of a compliance organisation with appropriate response scenarios and reporting structures, development of a risk matrix including checks adapted to the specific risks, and design of training including preparation for possible inspections.

We support and regularly take over the performance of extensive internal investigations. Our work in this regard is assisted by our long-standing experience in conducting interviews and IT-supported data analysis.

One thing our consultancy services focus on is offering strategic advice to executive managers concerning the legal requirements to which they are subject on account of continually expanding legal and judicial requirements.


Tilmann Kruse

Secretary’s Office:
Monika Kovacs, Mareike Vogt
+49 4191 91918-92

born 1964, university studies in Freiburg, Berlin and Edinburgh/Scotland, admitted as attorney in 1999.

Specialisation: Mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, compliance and antitrust law. Tilmann Kruse specialises in corporate transactions and introduction of compliance systems. He has assisted in many national and international transactions by strategic investors (including in the USA, China and India), and frequently provides advice on financing rounds for start-ups. The main focus of his work in corporate law is partnership law and group law, as well as providing advice to management boards and managing directors.

Prior to 2016, he was General Counsel to an international company based in Hamburg. During his time there, he introduced compliance systems in a vast range of companies, and performed internal investigations centring on antitrust law and fighting or preventing corruption.

Mr Kruse belongs to the Academic Association for Corporate and Company Law.

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