We advise our clients in all areas of individual and collective employment law and support them in the conduct of legal disputes. One of the focal points of our work in this area is advising private and public employers in terms of operational and company co-determination, for example in negotiating social plans or representing them on conciliation boards and in collective bargaining. Together with our clients, we develop solutions to employment law issues connected to reorganisation and restructuring, transfers of operations and – on the foundation of our long-standing, intensive work in employment law for public services and churches – privatisation projects (PPP), and assist with the implementation of these concepts.


Dr. Katja Francke

Secretary’s Office:
Wafa Isleem
+49 431 97918-37

born 1969, university studies in Kiel, Göttingen and Liège/Belgium, admitted as attorney in 1998, Certified Specialist for employment law

Specialisation: Employment law, service agreement law

Dr Francke advises companies on business restructuring and employment law-related transactions (including company statutes, collective bargaining, and company pension matters) and individual rights. She advises and represents employers in judicial proceedings, contract negotiations with employees, and in negotiations and conciliation proceedings with co-determination bodies (works council, staff council, employee representation committees) and trade unions. In addition to this, Dr Francke also advises and represents members of governing bodies and management. Clients in this area include companies and individuals under civil law and public law, as well as church organisations and charities.

Since its 4th edition, Dr Francke has been co-author of Münchener Handbuch Arbeitsrecht [Munich Guide to employment law] published by C.H. Beck Publishers, and of AnwaltFormulare Arbeitsrecht [Templates for employment attorneys] published by DAV. Besides this, she is a senior advisor to private education institutions and public bodies, and holds the chair of the Examination Committee for Legal Administrators formed by the Schleswig-Holstein Bar Association.

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