Construction and architectural law.

Our experience in construction and property law is founded on successfully assisting numerous projects for private investors and public clients as well as architects and construction companies. In this area, we focus on the drafting and negotiation of agreements, construction support and conflict resolution. We help to resolve legal issues in the areas of development, planning and construction. We draft and negotiate public and private law contracts for the acquisition and use of properties and advise on the preparation of building plans. We support and represent architects and engineers all over Germany on issues pertaining to contractual arrangements, liability and fees.


Dr. Christian Kuhlmann

Secretary’s Office:
Janine Mai
+49 461 14433-45

born 1966, university studies in Kiel, internships in a London law firm and barristers' chambers, admitted as attorney in 1995, Certified Specialist for construction and architectural law

Specialisation: Construction and architectural law, public procurement law

Dr Christian Kuhlmann was one of the first attorneys to specialise in construction and architectural law in Schleswig-Holstein. He provides counsel to architects, engineers, construction companies and developers, as well as to their public and private sector clients. Thanks to his many years of work in the field, he is extremely familiar with the specific interests of the various parties involved in construction. His work covers a wide spectrum, from contract drafting, assisting the public procurement process and providing advice on construction law, to representing clients both out of court and during judicial proceedings in disputes over fees, wages, claims for defects, or safety issues.

Dr Christian Kuhlmann works as a lecturer at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel.

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