M&A company acquisitions.

Advising clients on the purchase and sale of companies and shares is one of the areas our firm specialises in. We believe that it is our job to ensure the best possible structuring, organisation and negotiation of the transaction. To achieve this, we collaborate with consultants from other disciplines and ensure we understand your language, whether in relation to structured sales processes with multiple bidders or more traditional sales processes.

Where required, we can put together teams of specialist attorneys who will assist with the relevant tasks – for example, in the area of antitrust law, employment law, IT law or property law. This applies in particular to the due diligence phase for company acquisitions, but also to reorganisations under company law.


Dr. Oswald Kleiner

Secretary’s Office:
Lea Gintarra
Notary’s Office:
Ulrike Wienmeister, Anja Tretow, Rossella Bentien
+49 451 70289-40

born 1961, university studies in Hamburg, admitted as attorney in 1992, notary since 2000

Specialisation: Business and corporate law, property law, and inheritance law.

Dr Oswald Kleiner advises and represents companies and businessmen on all aspects of business law, both out of court and in judicial proceedings. Key areas include formation, change of legal form, or sale of companies or shares in a company, and in particular, making company succession arrangements. Close collaboration with the client’s tax consultant and/or chartered accountant is absolutely vital.

With regard to public procurement law, Dr Kleiner mainly advises public sector clients on the preparation, implementation, and review of formal tendering procedures and structured bidding processes, for example, in the infrastructure sector for procurement of a wide variety of construction services within a public private partnership framework.

Dr Kleiner’s work also focuses on property law, with the emphasis on handling transactions of almost any size, and arranging or performing property transactions.

He also offers advice on inheritance law out of court, and counsel for clients in judicial proceedings. This often involves the drafting of wills to reflect the testator’s wishes based on all relevant criteria. The process not only looks at the issue of succession, but also the right to a compulsory share of an estate, depending on the matter at hand. In the corporate world, company agreements often play a significant role in succession planning.

 Dr Kleiner sits on the board of several foundations, and is a representative member of the Schleswig-Holstein State Constitutional Court.

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