Agricultural law.

Structural change in the agricultural sector is shaping requirements with respect to legal advice. Cooperative agricultural associations are becoming more common and are replacing traditional agricultural operations. There is a growing public awareness of agriculture, and it is notable that farmers increasingly see themselves as modern entrepreneurs. This is where our advisory services come in.

We support farmers and agricultural companies or associations in all legal matters. We provide farmers with an extensive network that will enable them to successfully implement their agricultural, renewable energy and food production projects. We see ourselves as an interdisciplinary companion for all projects in this area, from the founding of ventures to company succession. Our activities include comprehensive support with transactions – including those in the field of renewable energies – and advice on agricultural land laws including the Law on Real Estate Transactions(Grundstücksverkehrsgesetz) and leasehold rights. Organising and supporting with succession is particularly challenging, as there are aspects of tax and inheritance law which must also be considered. In terms of public law, there is a particular emphasis here on state aid law and support for agricultural construction projects, as well as, to no small extent, renewable energy contracts (power purchase agreements, etc.).


Dr. Gero von Alvensleben

Secretary’s Office:
Lea Gintarra
+49 451 70289-40

born 1985, studies in Kiel, legal clerkship in Kiel, lawyer since 2015

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