Hospital and health care law.

BROCK MÜLLER ZIEGENBEIN advises university hospitals, hospitals, registered doctors and non-medical service providers. Our work on behalf of registered doctors ranges from setting up practices, acquiring a license to practise as an SHI-accredited physician with respect to the restructuring or modification of the medical services provided, medical care centres, collaborations between practices, and all questions relating to the activities of SHI-accredited physicians (billing, performance auditing, medication recourse, etc.), to the legal principles governing the medical professional and the representation of doctors in medical liability cases. We support hospital operators in all areas of health care law. The core of our work here is in offering advisory services with respect to restructuring and reorganisation, the establishment and design of various forms of collaboration with medical and non-medical service providers and the area of hospital funding. Health care employment law, the law governing chief physicians, and employment and salary legislation concerning hospital physicians also fall within our area of expertise.


Prof. Dr. Mathias Nebendahl

Secretary’s Office:
Susanne Lüdtke, Mareike Bittner, Celina Bäthjer
Notary’s Office:
Katrin Latussek
+49 431 97918-37

born 1961, university studies in Kiel and Munich. Admitted as attorney in 1992, honorary professor of medical law at the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel and lecturer in Hospital Management within the Faculty of Medicine at the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel, Certified Specialist for employment law, medical law and administrative law, notary since 2000

Specialisation: Employment law, medical and healthcare law, public procurement law, state aid law, planning and environmental law

As a Certified Specialist for employment law, Professor Nebendahl mainly advises private and public sector employers and managers on all matters relating to individual and, primarily, collective employment law, but also acts as a forensic attorney in these areas. In his capacity as a Certified Specialist for medical law, he represents registered doctors and hospital operators, as well as non-medical service providers, on all healthcare matters from the organisation or re-organisation of medical service provision, legal issues surrounding panel doctors and medical bills, right through to medical liability cases. Professor Nebendahl’s work as a Certified Specialist for administrative law centres around public planning and environmental law, with particular emphasis on major planning projects. With regard to public procurement law and state aid law, Professor Nebendahl chiefly advises public sector clients on the preparation, implementation, and judicial review of complex public procurement processes, including putting extensive construction projects, IT services, regional rail services, and their funding out to tender.

Professor Nebendahl is honorary professor of healthcare law in the Faculty of Law and lecturer in Hospital Management within the Faculty of Medicine at the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel. He is author of numerous academic publications in the areas of employment law, medical law, and administrative law. Aside from this, he is a member of the Admissions Committee of the Schleswig-Holstein Bar Association for Certfied Specialists in administrative law and medical law.

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