Our notaries combine the dependability and integrity of the function with a modern service enterprise. Services include providing advice and notarisation in all aspects of life and business for which the law requires assistance from notaries. Our legal advice and contract drafting does not only address business and legal specifics, but is also practicable and reduces the chance of conflict.

In particular, notarial activities include notarisation and certification of the following:

  • Property purchase and donation deeds
  • Declaration of division (division into condominium ownership)
  • Incorporation of companies, entries into the commercial register
  • Purchase and transfer agreements, transfer of company shares and restructuring
  • Wills and testaments and deeds of inheritance, applications for a certificate of inheritance, renunciation of inheritance and arrangements for anticipated succession
  • Family law agreements (marriage contracts and divorce agreements)
  • Health care powers of attorney and living wills

Dr. Christian Becker

Secretary’s Office:
Alina Michelle Grewe
Notary’s Office:
Martina Lange, Sandra Albrecht, Kirsten Bichel, Barbara Domek, Doris Hell, Monika Hoppe, Miriam Holtz, Katrin Latussek, Anne Petschnik, Carmen Richau, Lena Schultz, Ute Wieck-Thomas, Kathrin Ziemus
+49 431 97918-39

born 1966, university studies in Regensburg and Kiel, admitted as attorney in 1996, Certified Specialist for administrative law, notary since 2012

Specialisation: Administrative law, notarial matters

Dr Christian Becker is a Certified Specialist for administrative law focusing on public construction, planning, development and environmental law, public indemnities (expropriation, compensation, public liability), public fiscal law, municipal boards, and public media law.

He provides advice to and, where necessary, provides counsel in judicial proceedings on the development and implementation of major public sector projects, while advising private investors on all issues arising from these projects that relate to public law. This includes drafting and negotiating public sector contracts (e.g. development contracts, implementation projects, urban construction contracts, redemption contracts), assistance in land use planning, planning approval, and permit procedures, and judicial defence against complaints from neighbouring properties.

Other areas include licensing and supervisory procedures under broadcasting law, the privatisation of municipal facilities, expropriation procedures, and defence against public liability claims.

Dr Becker is the deputy chair of the management committee of the Schleswig-Holstein Pension Fund for Attorneys, and a member of the Executive Committee for administrative law at the German Bar Association (Schleswig-Holstein).

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